Good-Loop Advert Taxonomy

From February 2019

These are the dimensions and standard values for describing an adunit. These terms are used in advert setup and in reporting. See also the page on Good-Loop Terminology.

  1. delivery mechanism i.e. how does the adunit get onto the page?
    Values: vpaid, ourpage ( or CPC wrapper), app (e.g. SnapChat), direct, iframe (a non-expanding banner, e.g. an mpu2), safeframe

  2. size:

Size is often called "format" in the industry, but that's ambiguous -- so we use size instead. It can be unset at the buying and request stage, with the adunit working it out dynamically.

  1. play behaviour: onload, onvisible, onclick, clickthrough (i.e. no video play), onexpand (i.e. safeframe), none (i.e. the CPC banner which has no video).

  2. after: vanish (e.g. pre-roll - the advert will cleanup and vanish once its finished), persist (e.g. in-read, the thank-you page will linger)

  3. videoaspect: 16:9 (landscape), 1:1 (square), 9:16 (portrait), plus custom ratios, as "a:b"
    We record these as keyword strings. The unit can turn them into numbers.

  4. style: default, kitkat, coutdown, 10secs, etc etc
    How does it look & feel? Can also cover e.g. “banner shows a video thumbnail”, “use logo A/B”
    We expect to define explore and discard lots of these.
    We also have the custom css. We’d define a style type if (a) css isn’t enough and it has to hook into custom code, or (b) we want to report on A/B variants.

  5. cta: none, track, email, social, adlink, appinstall, custom
    We can’t enumerate all of these, but it’s useful to list common ones for reporting. Let’s also have a custom html field, separate from this, which can define actual html (so a cta can have e.g. custom wording).

Using this...

A standard pre-roll would be: delivery:vpaid size:landscape play:onvisible videoaspect:16:9 style:default cta:none after:vanish

A blogger direct tag might be: delivery:direct size:mpu play:onexpand style:default after:persist

The CPC banner has the pre-click banner -- which might be an image in AdSense, or e.g. delivery:banner size:mpu play:none cta:adlink The CPC banner post-click has delivery:ourpage size:fullscreen play:none cta:adlink -- where play:none is the key difference from the adplayer.

Snap post-swipe-up is delivery:app size:fullscreen play:onload style:snap