Volunteering Policy

At Good-Loop, we want to encourage our team to put back into their community and society. We do this through empowering our team to volunteer their time and skills.

Good-Loop will cover 8hrs per month (pro rata if part-time) in paid time off for volunteering. This is not deducted from your holiday allowance.

If you wish to take more time off for volunteering, Good-Loop can provide an additional 8hrs per month, but unpaid.

For example, suppose you leave the office an hour early to volunteer as a mentor once a week -- you wouldn't have to make that hour up. However, helping at church on a Sunday wouldn't count, as Sunday isn't office time (rationale: this policy is to enable staff to engage in more community activity if they wish by reducing the conflict with work-time).

Volunteering activities should be cleared with your line manager, following the same process as for holiday time. Please note that this is given at the company's discretion -- it isn't a contractual right the way holiday is.

We're fairly open about what counts as community & charity work -- if you have an activity in mind, ask your line manager to confirm it counts.

Be sure to let us know about your volunteering efforts and you'll be included in our end of year impact - distributed to leading organisations and charities, and getting your good news out there! Stay tuned for the 'Loopies' awards, designed to recognise these efforts.