Bereavement and Compassionate Leave Policy

Loss of a close family member

If a staff member suffers the death of a close family member, then they receive:

Taking leave after bereavement isn't compulsory, but taking at least 1 week is recommended for a myriad of reasons (if you feel unaffected, that's usually a sign you are).

Who counts as close family?

By default: parents, partners (whether married or not), brothers, sisters, and children. A miscarriage is also the loss of a close family member.

However the company aims to be understanding around other cases. What matters is the person's emotional relationship with the deceased. The loss of a very close friend can cause as much grief. Line managers should handle each case with consideration and empathy.

Loss of a relative or friend

If a staff member loses any relative (including an in-law) or a friend, they can have a day off as paid leave to attend the funeral.

Serious illness of a close family member

If someone close to you is taken seriously ill, then you should take some time off to be with them.

This time will be tracked and paid on the same basis as if you were sick yourself (see your contract for details).


For contractors, we aim to be understanding and considerate. This is handled on a case-by-case basis. It could include:

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