Good-Loop Brand Safety Guidelines

Good-Loop is fully committed to providing a brand-safe service that advertisers can trust. We take numerous steps to ensure that we serve on quality inventory and maintain a highly safe ad-serving environment. The steps taken are outlined below.

Brand Safety Policy

Good-Loop will apply reasonable endeavours to minimise the risk of ad misplacement on behalf of Advertisers.

Good-Loop deems sites and content to be inappropriate based on (but not limited to) the following default exclusion criteria:

Brand Safety

Maintaining quality inventory and ensuring a safe ad-serving environment are key considerations for Good-Loop.

We employ a verification process to ensure the inventory we purchase is properly filtered to exclude questionable and compromised sites. This includes campaign performance management, regular site list reviews and working closely with a select set of inventory and verification partners.


Good-Loop works to target the most viewable impressions for campaigns we run. Programmatic buying allows us to predict the viewability of ads on PC and mobile devices before the bid is placed. We use the IAB Viewability definition for a viewable video ad impression: The unit has fully rendered, with 50% of pixels in-view for at least 2 consecutive seconds.1 We set a predicted viewability threshold to assist our own viewability optimisation, allowing the system to optimise away from poorly-performing environments. We are also able to implement viewability tools from other vendors on campaigns at the client's request.

Takedown Policy

Good-Loop shall take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of ad misplacement on behalf of the Advertiser. In the event Good-Loop becomes aware of an incidence of ad misplacement Good-Loop will remove the ad as soon as is practicably possible. Good-Loop will action a takedown no later than 24 working hours after written notification is received. The campaign will be paused on request from the client whilst an investigation is carried out. The contractual consequences of not taking down an advert in accordance with our Takedown policy are evaluated and agreed with the client on a case by case basis.

The quickest way to reach the Good-Loop campaigns team for corrective action is on the shared email address: .


If you have any questions about our brand safety policy or Good-Loop's application of the JICWEBS DTSG Brand Safety principles, please contact our Head of Operations at .