Business Continuity Plan

Good-Loop aims to respond rapidly and effectively to emergencies in a way that minimizes disruption to our client engagements and other operations.


To ensure that projects can continue even if the lead person suffers serious illness or injury, secondary people are kept briefed on the engagement.

Documents, data, and systems

We implement measures to ensure that we have a scalable infrastructure with multiple redundancies. This infrastructure can be rapidly repaired in the event of disaster or catastrophic hardware failure.

All digital assets are either:

a. Stored in Google Drive, which provides a secure robust cloud storage platform.


b. Stored in a secure off-site repository. This repository is replicated to two further locations nightly.

Databases critical for production use a distributed server setup. Databases are backed up on a nightly basis and replicated off-site.


Failover testing of server clusters is done on a monthly basis as part of our release QA.

Integrity testing of database backups is done on a quarterly basis.


Good-Loop's work does not rely upon our office. All our researchers have the capacity to work both when on location and from home. All documents and software code are stored using multiple off-site repositories (see documents and systems above). We can therefore recover even from a serious office disaster such as fire or flood with only minor disruption.


Good-Loop operates a careful financial policy. A percentage of profit is retained to provide a solid buffer against financial changes.