What is Shadow IT?

"Shadow IT" is software used by the staff that isn't part of the "official IT" (the software that's fully managed by Support).

E.g. gmail, SalesForce, and Hetzner servers are official IT.
Whilst Boomerang is Shadow IT.
Not half as clandestine and exciting as it sounds.

Shadow IT is useful for enabling people to get stuff done, and a general bias-towards-action.
We just need to have some oversight.

Shadow IT is OK :)

Please try to use existing company tools where possible. If your manager has decided on a team-level tool, then you must use that, as part of being a team-player. But you can also use another tool too.

If there's a tool that will help your work (and you have budget), then go ahead. If you don't have budget, ask your manager. Who will probably say yes -- paying for good tools is almost always a good investment.

Always tell the Systems Administrator (Dan A) about it. Just email him to say the tool, and the license you've signed up for (e.g. £s and monthly vs annual). Please also post in chat, so everyone can know and potentially use it too.

Update the Register of Software, and the Data Asset Registry.

All invoices should be sent to finance. If the system insists on sending invoices to you, please forward them to finance (you can make a gmail filter to automate this).

Be careful with personal data! Don't put anyone else's (employee or otherwise) personal data into Shadow IT without talking to Tech Support, because it can easily breach our GDPR legal obligations.

No data silos: Share the login, or use a shareable login, or add support@good-loop.com as a user, and send the details to Support.

Why this Policy is Necessary