Supported Browsers and Devices

The AdUnits

Our policy is for all adunit variants to work excellently across browsers with 5% or more share of traffic, and to work OK for browsers setups with 1% - 5% of traffic share (though older devices might not have quite the best design).

For browser/device setups with less than 1% of traffic share - we would like to support these too, but we may release code which doesn't work perfectly.

Overall, we should serve a premium experience to at least 95% of requests.

We measure traffic share from visible events in our logs (i.e. we're looking at the market we serve).


Officially supported versions:

Officially Unsupported Browsers:


Officially supported devices:

The Portal

The Portal is for advertisers and publishers to manage their accounts. We expect the Portal to work across most browsers, but we only officially support the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox.