These are the dimensions and standard values for describing an adunit in-part or as a whole. These terms are used in advert setup and in reporting. See also the page on Good-Loop Terminology.

  1. delivery mechanism i.e. how does the adunit get onto the page?
  1. size:

Size is often called "format" in the industry, but that's ambiguous -- so we use size instead. It can be unset at the buying and request stage, with the adunit working it out dynamically.

  1. play behaviour:
  1. after:
  1. videoaspect:
  1. style (99.9% applies to banners only):

How does it look & feel? Can also cover e.g. "banner shows a video thumbnail", "use logo A/B"
We expect to define explore and discard lots of these.
We also have the custom css. We'd define a style type if (a) css isn't enough and it has to hook into custom code, or (b) we want to report on A/B variants.

  1. cta:

We can't enumerate all of these, but it's useful to list common ones for reporting. Let's also have a custom html field, separate from this, which can define actual html (so a cta can have e.g. custom wording).

Using this...

A standard pre-roll would be: delivery:vpaid size:landscape play:onvisible videoaspect:16:9 style:default cta:none after:vanish

A blogger direct tag might be: delivery:direct size:mpu play:onexpand style:default after:persist

The CPC banner has the pre-click banner -- which might be an image in AdSense, or e.g.

delivery:banner size:mpu play:none cta:adlink

The CPC banner post-click has

delivery:ourpage size:fullscreen play:none cta:adlink -- where play:none is the key difference from the adplayer.

SnapChat post-swipe-up is

delivery:app size:fullscreen play:onload style:snap

Canonical Terminology for Logging Good-Loop Events

These are the events logged by adserving, which you can access in the portal dashboard.

NB: the event names are designed to be good for grep and ES. Lower case, no spacing or punctuation.